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Hello Human, You're watching my Indie Game Development site and Playground. Here I showcase my Indie Games, Prototypes and Art. A mix of everything from Pixel Art to 3D High Poly and Beyond.


VIKING WEAPONS is an Augmented Reality App for iPad, that i made in june 2020, as part of a school project in collaboration with Trelleborg Museum and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The prototype contains a Weapons Gallery and a Wiking Warzone, where you can try the weapons yourself.


- Tales of Boobs and Blood

Be a barbarian, kill monsters and save Boobaria. In this nostalgic Pixel art, 2D platformer game with Multiplayer Co-op 1-4 players. You choose between the classes - Axe, Shield and Hammer or Swordsman. Explore the vast plains and dungeons. Loot and buy items from vendors and die in Bossfights.


In a dystopic future, where nature is long gone and mega cities provide the last safe zones. The state has grown evil and seeks only supreme power. All creative citizens are a threat to the order and must be neutralized.

Check out a super early worldbuilding mood prototype of the 3D platformer for iPad.


According to ancient Swedish folklaw, a raven is the ghoul of a murdered person, that did not recive a proper christian burial. In this game you play that restless raven, looking for revenge... equipped with a broadsword.

About Me

My name is Oliver D.J. Christensen and I love creating - specially art and videogames. I have a Bachelor within Game and Interaction Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (medio 2021).

I'am currently looking for a new job where i can make Games for a living, here in Copenhagen - So hire Me Now.

PS. I have a background as Multimedia Designer, with over a decade of professional work experience.


I love creating everything from pixel art to polygons. Drawing, concept art and anything within the 3D realm as a whole - both low poly and high poly - 3D modeling, sculpting, texturing and animation.

I'am constantly improving and at the moment I primarily use Blender, zBrush, Nomad Sculpt, Substance, ProCreate, CSharp and Unity - to make my prototypes and games come alive.

If you wanna stay updated on my learning progress and projects.

Graphic Design

As mentioned above I've been working +12 years as a Graphic Designer, focusing on a mix between Digital and Printed media.

I've been using the Adobe Creative Cloud on a daily basis, mostly Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. I do some Flash (Animate), AfterEffects and basic Html and CSS sites like this. So check out some of my graphic design stuff.

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