Pixel Art, Polygons and Beyond

Hello Human, You're watching my Indie Game Development site and Playground. Here I showcase my Indie Games, Prototypes and Art that I'am working on. Everything from Pixel Art to High Poly and Beyond.


VIKING WEAPONS is an Augmented Reality App for iPad, that i made in june 2020, as part of a school project in collaboration with Trelleborg Museum and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The prototype contains a Weapons Gallery and a Wiking Warzone, where you can try the weapons yourself.


- Tales of Boobs and Blood

Be a barbarian, kill monsters and save Boobaria. In this nostalgic Pixel art, 2D platformer game with Multiplayer Co-op 1-4 players. You choose between the classes - Axe, Shield and Hammer or Swordsman. Explore the vast plains and dungeons. Loot and buy items from vendors and die in Bossfights.


Low poly endless runner, where you play a cop chasing a bad guy.

The twist: You see yourself in the rear mirror, through the eyes of the criminal being chased. Good luck stearing that police hover car with reverse controls.

Entry for Kaktus Jam 2018. Made with Emil (Programming, shaders), Alex (Music) and me Oliver (3D modeling).


In a dystopic future, where nature is long gone and mega cities provide the last safe zones. The state has grown evil and seeks only supreme power. All creative citizens are a threat to the order and must be neutralized.

Check out this early worldbuilding environmental mood prototype of the 3D platformer.


According to ancient Swedish folklaw, a raven is the ghoul of a murdered person, that did not recive a proper christian burial. In this game you play that restless raven, looking for revenge... equipped with a broadsword.

About Me

My name is Oliver D.J. Christensen and I'am a Game and Interaction Design Student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

As you might have noticed, I have dark humor and a passion for creating videogames and art.

I'am looking for an internship working with Games in Copenhagen from the 1st of feb 2021 - So hire Me Now.

PS. I have a background as Multimedia Designer, with over a decade of professional work experience.


I love creating everything from pixel art to polygons. Drawing, concept art and lately I've really started falling in love with the 3D realm as a whole - both low poly and high poly - 3D modeling, sculpting, texturing and animation.

I primarily use Blender, Substance, CSharp and Unity - to make my prototypes and games come alive.

If you wanna stay updated on my learning progress and projects.

Graphic Design

As mentioned above I've been working +12 years as a Graphic Designer, focusing on a mix between Digital and Printed media.

I've been using the Adobe Creative Cloud on a daily basis, mostly Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. I do some Flash (Animate), AfterEffects and basic Html and CSS sites like this. So check out some of my graphic design stuff.

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