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Boobarian by Indie Retro Pixel Art Video Games

Hello Human, You're watching my indie retro pixel art video games development site. This is my hobby playground where I showcase my stuff. Being everything from skeches, game ideas and odd random projects mostly involving graphics and games. I'am a full time Graphic Designer during day and indiegame developer at night. Facinated by Game Design, I began learning; How to make videogames with Unity3d, some years ago, and I've loved it ever since. I code my games in MonoDevelop using the C Sharp language. I'am drawing and animating 2d pixelart characters, props, backgrounds, spritesheets in Photoshop. My big plan for 2017, is the release of my solo hobby project - Boobarian The Game. Furthermore i hope there is time to do some 3d character modeling and maybe squeeze a couple of GameJams in there too.

Random Pixel Art Games

Kill It With Fire - Game Concept
Forest Freaks - Game Concept
Boobarian - You died - retry ingame gif
Weekly Bit Battle - Finn fanart

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