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Be a barbarian - Kill Monsters

Hello Human, you're watching - My indie games playground. Currently I'am working on a new game called Boobarian. Boobarian is a casual old school pixelart 2D Platform game. The dominion of man ended decades ago. You are a barbarian roaming the crypts, dungeons and pleasure palaces in search of treasure, beasts and boobs. Trying to satisfy your never ending barbaric lust for flesh and blood.

Boobarian - the Game

Select your Barbarian

First off you start by selecting between three character classes. The quick dual axe wielding barbarian, the armorless two hand sword barbarian and lastly, the more sturdy, skull cracking, shield and hammer barbarian.

Cooperative Gameplay

1 - 4 players Cooperative Gameplay

Go ahead - play solo... or let the outcast barbarians fight the challanges together in 2-4 player co-op. It will be possible to revive fallen allies, when joining steel, against the monsters and bosses of the strange barbaric planet.


The Grand Release

I plan on releasing Boobarian the videogame on Steam for PC and Mac ultimo 2018. The dream scenario for a social local gaming experience would also be a release for Playstation.

Rise my Minions - Sharing is Caring

If you like my 2d pixel art games, concepts, style or ideas, you can follow me on the social links below. Feel free to share this project with fellow zombies, orcs and or grandmothers. I need the biggest mob possible, in order to open the Glorious Gates of Steam Greenlight. Light the torches and join the crusade! Thanks for the support!

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